Glòria Ferrer

Co-founder of Bugambilia Workshop.
Studied at the School of Design and Art of ¨Lotja¨.

My first contact with ceramics, started in 1976 at the school of Lotja in Barcelona, where I studied Applied Arts and specialized in ceramics, mastering the arts of stoneware and refractory. The first years was a non-stop learning process, where I alternated between small assignments and some exhibitions.

Since the beginning, I had an interest in exploring the world of utilitarian ceramics, as well as the artistic one.In the modeling process, the lathe has always been a key element. A technique that I have refined over the years, with the combination of plates and molds. This allowed me to develop a personal style, making ceramics of high quality and with a strong Mediterranean character. Giving rise to ceramic pieces that explores textures through different materials and making the use of colors by enamels.

Group exhibitions:

Arnau Company Room at Verdú Castle in Lleida. The Craft Center of Catalonia in Barcelona. The Raval of Art in Tortosa, Tarragona. Natalia Ferre ¨NYAM¨ Gallery in Montblanc, Tarragona. ACC Association of Ceramists of Catalonia in Barcelona. Museum of Alfolí of Salt in L´Escala,Girona.

Works loaned:

The Design Museum of Barcelona

Awards and recognitions:

Expohogar, CCAM, Mestre Artesà Diploma.