Eulàlia Oliver work in the A-FAD exhibition "De la Natura al Paper" ("From Paper to Nature") in the Molí Paperer de Capellades Museum

January 26, 2014

This exhibition take place after a workshop organised by A-FAD and Moli Paperer Capellades Museum, for members of A-FAD, to work with paper and paper manufacturing techniques. Multidisciplinary as always, attended the workshop artists and craftsmen of different specialties. Some time after the experience, and as a result of the collaboration between the two entities, was raised the exhibition that opened at January 12th and that will remain open until March 9th.

Curated by Magda Polo (Directress of A- FAD) and Victoria Rabal (Directress of Moli Paperer Capellades Museum ), was oriented to collect the different sensitivities of artists and artisans when creating his work around this material, taking advantage of the diverse opportunities it give them to follow the axis of the title of the exhibition, "From Nature to Paper", a title that summarizes the paper characteristics such as material that comes from the natural environment and, once transformed, returns to it.

The paper in its natural state or combined with other materials, ceramics, glass, metals, fabrics, etc., give shape to this exposure and it is the wire that guides the work of the artists involved : Selva Aparicio, Bente Bakers (Estudio Nómada), Teresa Casanovas, Guillaume Cassar (Asociación Drapart ), Escuela de Arte Floral de Cataluña, Assumpció Espada, Quim Falcó y Txell Tembleque, Nuria Farré, Cynthia Fusillo, Joana Garganté, Anna Giagnorio, Teresa Gironès, Kima Guitart, Laia Llach, Maite Marín, René Mueller, Aurèlia Muñoz, Eulàlia Oliver, Ximena Pérez Grobet, Marta Roca, Teresa Rosa Aguayo, Montse Soler, Taller Gabins, Taller Tasmania e Iris Tonies. 

Eulàlia Oliver presented two cylindrical works with the titles of "Cossi I" ( 22x33 cm) and "Cossi II" ( 30x30 cm ), which evoque the baskets that were used to collect rags , the main raw material in the manufacture of paper. The white porcelain , remind us the color of the pulp by the time it is ready to build the paper sheets and the enamel -Japanese inspired celadon- inside the works evokes, with its subtle aspect, the water present in all the process of papermaking. Eulalia designed the works to work them with porcelain and paper pulp, fully modeled by hand using porcelain strips and engraved plates, leaving aside this time the wheel and the thin sheets of porcelain that she uses most of the times. The pieces were fired at 1,280 ° C in reducing atmosphere and the beside the inside enamel, the outside have some light colour touches used as decorative border, repeating the design pattern in both works.

(Images and text in this post by GiO-bcn)

c. Pau Casals, 10  -  08786 Capellades 
Opening time:  From Monday to Thursday, from 9 to 18 h
From Friday to Sunday and bank holidays, from 10,30 ato 14,30 h

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