"Human Rights" installation

May 19, 2013

Exhibited at the hall of the ACC (Barcelona 2012) and at CERCO (Zaragoza 2011)

The installation is a small outcry against the violation, that even today in the XXI century, suffered the most basic rights of people in many parts of the world, the rights contained in the UN "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" published in 1948 in response to the atrocities committed during II World War. Through our particular means of expression, the ceramics, we try to reflect and provoke reflection over this situation.

Maria Romaní wrote in the journal TERRART No 42 - 1st semester 2013

"The exhibition do not leave you indifferent. One of its installations consisted of a porcelain slabs's tapestry which had calligraphed words like life, person, freedom, ..., written in different languages, such as Arabic and Japanese, etc. The references to physical abuses were represented by a collection of damaged busts, exposed over a wire fence base that reinforced his painful reading. The exhibition clearly reflects the intention to represent all continents and all races, even symbolically. All this general pain becomes muffled by a   reading with the hope that, despite all the oppression, each person, individually, shall have the sufficient strength and the ability to get out of this situation."